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Spann 703

My name is Jennifer A. Spann and I teach Computer Applications to 8th grade students at Alice Drive Middle School. The instruction I wish to present today is called "A Discussion of Styles." This web page provides links that can offer further instruction on the use of Styles in Word.

Styles Group

Format your document with styles

This website is a training on Styles that is provided by Microsoft. It is intended for Intermediate users and, according to the webpage, should take 40-50 minutes. These trainings are very easy to follow, have some videos, and a ton of verbal narration.

Video: Apply styles in Word 2010

This website is a quick view of how to apply styles in Word and and change the style set. This video also demonstrates "live preview" which allows you to see what a style looks like before you actually apply it. This is just a "reminder" of what styles are and how they are used.

Microsoft Word 101: A quick look at formatting styles

This web page is a wonderful overview of Styles. It covers what Styles are and gives more advanced information for those who are ready for it. (April, 2013)